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my cacti [saboten]

Apolocactus species, Astrophitum myriostigma, Cephalocereus senilis, Cereus 'Fairy Castle' , Chamaecereus 'Fric Hybrid',
Chamaecereus 'Guten Kavalier' , Chamaecereus 'Kent Sunrise' , Chamaecereus f. lutea , Chamaecereus 'Ralph's Orange',
Chamaecereus sylvestri , Cleistocactus winteri, Echinocactus grusonii, Echinopsis tubaflora 'Hakujomaru', Deamia testudo , Ferocactus,
Mammillaria bocasana, Mammillaria elongata 'Copper King' , Mammillaria elongata 'Pink Nymph' , Mammillaria multiceps,
Mammillaria picayensis , Mammillaria pringlei, Mammillaria spinosissima 'Irish Redhead' , Mammillopsis senilis , Notocactus leninghaus ,
Opuntia species, Opuntia 'Marverick' , Opuntia microdasys albispino , Opuntia microdasys cristata, Opuntia microdasys,
Opuntia microdasys v. mini , Opuntia tunicata , Oreocereus celsianus, Pilosocereus azuleus, Stenocereus dumortiri , Stetsonia coryne,
Thrixanthocereus senilis, Trichocereus grandiflora.



Apolocactus species

6/16/01 3/28/02 3/28/02



Astrophitum myriostigma

6/17/01 3/25/02



Cephalocereus senilis
common name: 'Andes' Old Man'

4/20/01 6/17/01 3/25/02



Cereus 'Fairy Castle'

6/17/01 6/17/01 2/11/02


3/25/02 3/25/02



Chamaecereus 'Fric Hybrid'

6/17/01 3/28/02 3/28/02

Chamaecereus 'Guten Kavalier'

6/17/01 3/28/02 3/28/02

Chamaecereus 'Kent Surprise'



Chamaecereus 'Ralph's Orange'

6/17/01 3/10/02



Chamaecereus reus f. lutea




Chamaecereus sylvestri
common name: Peanut Cactus

4/3/01 4/3/01 4/14/01 6/17/01

It was very exciting to see the process from buds forming to in full bloom.
Then, massive offsets followed. This plant is my first experience of cactus blooming.

*Chamaecereus is currently categorized into Echinopsis family, however, I prefer to call it independently here.



Cleistocactus winteri

6/17/01 3/25/02 3/25/02

3/28/02 3/28/02



Deamia testudo
common name: 'Dogtail Cactus'

5/01/01 6/17/01


Echinocactus grusonii

5/5/01 5/5/01

3/27/02 3/27/02



Echinopsis tubflora 'Hakujomaru'

6/17/01 3/25/02



2 unknown species seedlings

5/8/01 3/25/02 3/28/02

5/8/01 3/25/02 3/28/02



Mammillaria bocasana

4/3/01 4/19/01

4/21/01 3/27/02

A profuse bloomer.



Mammillaria elongata 'Copper King'

2/21/01 4/20/01

6/17/01 2/11/02



Mammillaria elongata 'Pink Nymph'


In the day it arrived at home, one bud opened. The bloom was in pale pink as above.

4/20/01 4/20/01 4/20/01

I observed from buds to in bloom. It was exciting to see its gradual process.
This time, the blooms are in stronger pink because, I guess, it had had good sun light since its arrival.

After the blooming, it started to form offsets.

We can see some growth here since last June.



Mammillaria multiceps

4/19/01 6/17/01 1/10/02

3/25/02 3/25/02 3/25/02 3/28/02

This cactus is the most bloomer than any cacti I've ever had.
It's been in bloom profusely for over one month by now.
Nice to see the red berries as well, which brought a striking color during winter.



Mammillaria picayensis
common name: 'Puff Cactus'

6/17/01 2/11/02

4/19/01 3/25/02

I have not realized in daily life how much it is growing until comparing photos.



Mammillaria pringlei
common name: 'Bird's Nest Cactus'

4/3/01 4/2/01 4/17/01

6/17/01 6/17/01

A bud - the first one on this cactus.
Sadly, I never saw the flower in bloom since I had to leave for my family oversea right after this day.

3/27/02 3/27/02



Mammillaria spinosissima 'Irish Redhead'

4/3/01 4/17/01 3/28/02




Mammillaria species

6/17/01 3/25/02 3/25/02

This cactus was on a discount shelve at Lowe's, developing poor malformed top.
I brought it home & operated a little surgery to cut the top off. The first photo shows its surface that was
completely dry. The latter two shots show two new healthy growth from the surface.


Mammillopsis senilis

6/17/01 3/28/02 3/28/02 3/28/02



Notocactus leninghaus

4/20/01 3/27/02

3/28/02 3/28/02 3/28/02




Notocactus (or Parodia) magnificus

2/26/01 3/28/02 3/28/02



Opuntia species

5/4/01 5/9/01 5/9/01 6/16/01

My neighbor gave us these three pieces of Opuntia (unknown) cuttings from their front yard.
We are amazed by their rapid growth. They started to form flower buds & offsets in a few weeks.



Opuntia 'Marverick'



Opuntia microdasys v. albispino
common name: 'White Bunny' 'Angel Wing'

4/15/01 4/20/01 6/17/01 2/11/02

Massive grower. When I bought it about one year ago, it was in a 4" pot and small.
Now it comfortably sits in a 6" pot and has been produced many offsets that can root easily.

6/17/01 3/28/02

Some cuttings in a 2" pot at left, in a 6" saucer at right. Right after potting up.



Opuntia microdasys cristata

6/17/01 3/10/02 3/25/02 3/25/02



Opuntia microdasys

6/17/01 3/28/02 3/28/02

My other side of neighbor has a nice big pot of this cactus, which she has been having more than 10 years.
She generously gave me some pads to root. This photo was taken in a few months after potting up.


Opuntia microdasys v. mini

6/17/01 3/10/02

This cactus had been in less lighted environment for several months since last summer.
It caused the cactus to develop much thiner bodies than its beginning.
The red color has been appeared in brighter sun light since last Feburary.
It's now exposed in direct sun in whole morning after getting ready for lighter environment gradually.
Nevertheless, redding happened. I am not sure if it's good for the plant
because the same indivudual didn't redden in direct sun last year. We will see.


Opuntia tunicata



Oreocereus celsianus

6/17/01 3/28/02


Pilosocereus azuleus

4/3/01 4/3/01 4/3/01

4/20/01 3/28/02



Stenocereus dumortiri

2/11/01 2/11/01

This plant has a perfect figure -fine five ribs with well-balanced twist.
However, an accident happened with a silver tung while repotted.
Sharp tung teeth bit its body deeply as seen in below.
I must have been daydreaming.. What a mistake... Damn me..

4/26/01 4/26/01

I tried not to do anything on it and let it heal by itself. This is how it looks after 11 months.

3/28/02 3/28/02

The wounds are darkened , and the entire plant seem to be getting taller.
I am now debating myself whether or not to cut the healthy top off to root itself.



Stetsonia coryne
common name: 'Toothpick Cactus'

4/3/01 6/17/01

3/27/02 3/27/02 3/27/02



Thrixanthocereus senilis

4/3/01 3/28/02



Trichocereus grandiflora

4/19/01 4/20/01 6/17/01 2/22/02


Some Unindentified Cacti

3/28/02 3/28/02

6/17/02 3/28/02 3/28/02

Developing a branch on the side.






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