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colorful life

"We can forgive a man for making a useful thing
as long as he does not admire it.
The only excuse for making a useless thing is
that one admires it intensely.
All art is quite useless."
Oscar Wilde from Picture of Dorian Gray

antique kimono

My visit in Japan during 2001 brought me a new interest of antique kinomo. Usually, (modern) kinomo and wasou, or wearing kimono, was something red or gold or out-of-mind crazy flood of patterns, which I have never felt comfortable with. Unlike those, antique kinomo have more characters and feeling of people who lived thier lives in their periods. Wearing their kimono is knowing how people lived in history. This page deals with many old antique-y kinomo, haori, obi, and other accesaries from Meiji throguh Taishou to early Showa era.




plants collection

Trichocereus grandiflora

Without any plants around, I would be choked to death. Plants bring me so much excitement. Their power to grow enpowers as well as indulges me -almost addiction, gosh, where am I? My dream is living in a jungle (made by me) some day. This page contains photographs of my plant collection, which is yet 20 months old.



I don't know much about salt watered coral leaf tank. When I moved in this current house a few years ago, there I found was a tank with these amazing creatures. Since then, I have been witnessing all growth (& death sometimes sadly.. some of them are short-lived kind..).
It is the record of the tank.




some fun things around the world..


about me

family, friends, my cats, some dogs, and informal resume.




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